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About Epicenter

Epicenter is a podcast for conversations with people who are working to change the world. Hosts Trey Goff and Max Medina speak with subject matter experts from Honduras and around the world to learn about cutting edge developments in areas from architecture to economics, governance, design, and everything in between, all in an intellectual exploration trying to determine: what is at the epicenter of human flourishing, and how can we use it to create new hubs of prosperity?



Trey Goff and Max Medina are the hosts of the Epicenter Podcast. 


Trey Goff is the Chief of Staff to the CEO of Próspera. Prior to joining Próspera, Trey led the Out of Last Place Institute in Mississippi, co-founded the National Liberty Coalition, and co-authored “Promoting Prosperity in Mississippi” with the Institute for Market Studies.


Max Medina is an Associate with Próspera and a Junior Partner with the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA), a world-class architecture studio with locations around the globe. He is a Honduran Architect born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and a passionate believer in the potential for architecture to change the world.

Trey Goff


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Max Medina

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